Bhumika Technical Institute

Recognised by H.R.D.F. and S.C.V.T Govt. of Goa and ITES Mumbai

Palyem, Arambol, Pednem – Goa. Ph:- 2242426 / 9823329150

Course Details

All courses are Recognised by H.R.D.F. Govt. of Goa and ITES Mumbai

(Duration 1 Year for Boys and Girls with Min. Qualification of 12th )

Basic of computers, O.S.-DOS, UNIX (theory), LINUX & Windows 98/2000 working in windows environment, Multimedia application, Word Processor – WORD 2000, Spreadsheet solution EXCEL 2000, Presentation Tools – Powerpoint 2000, DBMS – Foxpro, Programming in Foxpro and C, Internet & Email, Tally, HTML, Networking (LAN, WAN, MAN). Overview of C++, VB, Graphics with Corel Draw & Pagemaker.

(Duration 1 Year for Boys and Girls with Min. Qualification of 10th will be relaxed for older candidates / Married / Widows)

1. Nightingale Pledge and Oath, Abbreviations, Terms and Measures, Anatomy & Physiology. 2. Practical Nursing includes: a) Bedside care (Personal Hygiene). b) Bedsore prevention and care. c) Nutrition and Artificial feeding. d) Infection, Disinfection, common diseases & Immunization schedule. e) TRP & B.P. Checking. f) Benedicts and glucometer test for diabetes. g) Different routes for giving medications including Bladder wash, Nebulizer, Oxygen administration & Suction Aspiration. h) Intramuscular, Intradermal & Scbcutaneous injections. i) I.V.Monitoring. j) Mother and child care. k) First Aid. I) Ethics & Communication skills. 3. Practical training at District Hospital at Mapusa, Private Hospitals & Old Age Homes. 4. Job Opportunities: Home Nurse (Full / Part time) Bedride Assistant, House Nurse abroad, Home Nurse in Old Age Homes / Clinics.

(Duration – 1 Year for Boys and Girls with Min. Qualification of 10th )

Reception & Front office Management, House Keeping, Principles of Management, Bakery, Food Production and Food & Beverage Services, Bartenders. Can get a job in Hotels, Ships flight catering also can open individual business.

(Duration 1 year – for Boys with Min. Qualification of 10th )

Types of Compressors, Evaporators, Exp. Valve, Refrigerants, Types of Cabinets, Cooling Tower, Electronic Motor & Electric Circuit, Maintenance, Servicing & Repairing of refrigerators, A/Cs, Split A/C’s, Water-cooler, Central Plant, Packaging unit. After completion of course, students will be send for a 21-days training & trainees will visit industries like Dairy Plant, Pharm. Company, Coca-cola & Ice Cream Company.

(Duration 1 year – For Girls with Min.Qualification of 8th Pass)

Machine parts, Maintenance of Machine, Stitching Clothes, Art of cutting & tailoring. Tools & Equipments. Stitching Napkins, Bonnet, Zabla, Petticoat, Types of Blouses, Nightie, Types of Skirts, tie and dye (Bandhani), Churidars, Hand & Machine Embroidery, Color painting, Crochet, Etc.

(Duration 1 Year – For Boys with Min.Qualification of 8th Pass)

Installation of water pipes, water tanks, geyser, W/C etc. Bath room fitting, sanitary fixation-Indian, European types closet. House drainage , construction of chambers & Man-holes. Method of sewage disposal.

(Duration 1 Year- For Boys with Min. Qualification of 10th )

Use of hand tools, types of Ac and DC motors and generators, types of transformers and their parts, types of Electrical wiring , servicing, repairing and installation of geysers, ceiling and table fan, mixers, electric iron, soldering iron, etc. and its winding. Transmission and distribution of overhead and underground lines.

(Duration 1 year- For Boys with Min. Qualification of 8th Pass)

Filling and fitting of M.S. Job. Welding practice, making of window grills, main gates, shutters, etc. Turning, Threading, Drilling, Pasting, Boring, Knurling, Repairing, Maintenance jobs of different types of machines. ARC Welding, Gas Welding, Gas Cutting.

(Duration 1 Year- For Boys with Min. Qualification of 10th )

Basic Automobile knowledge of different types of machines, two stroke & four stroke cycle. Periodic maintenance, servicing, trouble shooting. Repairing various system of vehicle. Two wheel drive and four wheels drive repairing. Types of vehicles such as 2 & 4 wheelers. Auto electrical wiring. Knowledge of MPFI Engines. Different types of Fasteners in automobiles. After completion of course students will be sent for training in different workshops.

(Duration 1 Year-For Boys with Min.Qualification of 10th )

Basic Electricity, Tools and Wires Winding Material, Varnishing, Special Instruments, Required in Winding and Meters, Magnet and Magnetism, D.C. Motors, Transformer, Alternator, A.C. Motors 91 PH, 3 PH and Starters, Capacitors, Winding Terms.


1.      Individual student attention and maximum practicals.

2.      Well Educated, Trained and Experienced members.

3.      Latest Machinery and Equipments.

4.      Nominal Course Fees.

5.      Campus Interviews and Jobs Placement assistance to every successful student.

6.      Leaves for students appearing for Board and University exams.

7.      Periodic Tests, Assignments, Workshop Seminars, Etc.

8.      Counselling for necessary students.

9.      Cultural, Athletics & Sports activities with amazing prizes.

10.   Group Picnics.