From a tiny seed in 1991, the ISEAF has now bloomed into a big tree that is fulfilling a very big need for our underprivileged students, empowering them to be able to stand on their own feet and contribute to society. But for this to have happened we owe a VERY BIG THANK YOU to several people and organizations based in Germany as well as in India.

The very first person responsible for this of course, is our founder and patron Mr. Rudolf Schwartz. A separate page has been dedicated to mentioning all that he has done.

But apart from him, there were more than 450 German and European sponsors who donated a lot of money to build up the Keerti Institute in Rai, Siolim, the construction of the Bhumika Technical Institute in Palye and the bakery section of the Holy Cross Techno Centre in Marna. They also sponsored scholarships for thousands of students. Their names are too many to list out.

Jacob Mathew and his wife Stella Jacob head the list of Indians responsible for building up ISEAF to what it is today. Mr. Rudolf Schwartz is extremely grateful to them for partnering him in the work that he started. All details about them can be read on the page devoted to him.

Late Lt. Col. Satya Prakash Ohrie and his wife had availed the help of our home nurses for many years. Thy were so happy with the services rendered, that they regularly donated some amount to our organization. On their passing away, he had bequeathed 2 lakhs of rupees to us, which his sons honoured.

But that is not all. Because of his intervention, Lt. Col. Ohrie saw to it that his son-in-law Mr. Rajeev Saharia who is the Exec. Director of Ashok Leyland donated tools and equipment worth 12 lakhs of rupees to the Automobile section of our Bhumika Technical Institute in Palyem, as part of their CSR activities.

The De Nora India Ltd., in Kundaim, Ponda under CSR had donated the fees of 33 girl students belonging to Keerti Technical Institute in the year 2018.

We are also grateful to the MSc Physics class of 1974 of IIT Mumbai, for their big support to ISEAF. They donated a car to the Nursing Bureau and have even helped pay the fees of many of our students.

Mr. Dean Menezes who is a member of our Governing Body, is another big supporter of ISEAF.

Dr. Gauresh Palav from Bicholim was a recipient of our scholarship from the time he was in Higher Secondary until he completed his medical studies. What is so remarkable about him is that he has been showing his gratitude by regularly contributing an amount to the Corpus Fund of the ISEAF, so as to ensure that this organization continues to be a blessing to our youth!

Dr. Thomas Koruth, who has a doctorate in Hotel Management and vast experience in designing kitchens for five-star hotels in USA, Australia and Dubai, kindly agreed to help ISEAF. He designed the labs for Food Production, Food& Beverage Service as well as Housekeeping & Front Office, free of charge.





{The ISEAF is extremely grateful to them and to all others who have contributed to build it up, in some way or the other. May God Almighty reward them all abundantly.}

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