My name is Swati. I live at Savoi-Verem, Ponda. My parents were separated when I was 12 years old, and I live with my mother who has to manage the finances on her own by working as a domestic help. I wanted to complete my studies and get a job as early as possible. I approached ISEAF for financial assistance to continue my education. Fortunately, I was selected for a scholarship in the year 2013. My sponsor was Mrs. Hanna Lorenz. I completed my graduation in commerce with good marks. Now I am working as computer typist at Datta Communication, Panaji, Goa. I am very grateful to ISEAF and my sponsor for helping me to build my future. I am getting a decent salary and I can look after my family too. I am very grateful to my sponsor and ISEAF for providing me this opportunity.

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